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Kerala is one of the southern states of India knowns as 'God's own Country. The lush green rainforest land borders the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The famous Kerala backwaters are rich in aquatic life. Our high range produces all types of Indian spices, get exported to both other states of India and the rest of the world.

Keralites have different food habits in all 14 districts of Kerala, every home has its recipe, making the state rich in culture and religion. Over centuries Christians, Muslims and Hindus have influenced each other to create the flavourful dishes we have today with amazing starters. Christians their dishes consist of meat and a bit of alcohol. Popular and mouth-watering dishes include Syrain Beef, Varattu Fry, Roast-Vattichaithu.

Muslim people are known for their hospitality, their Umma's (Mother) cooking is both mouth-watering and homely. 'Appangalellam ottakku chuttammayi, Ammayu chuttathu Marumonukkai'. This is a popular song used to describe the taste of an Umma.

Hindus mainly use vegetables in their dishes. One of the popular dishes is the Sadyha (Ceremonial Veg Feast) serves more than 30 side dishes, most of the dishes can be used for a Vegan diet. It also comes with special mouth-watering Indian dessert called Payasam, for each occasions it is a different payasam: Ceremonial is Rice Payasam, Wedding is Adapradhamam & Palada Payasam.

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